Urgent Carriers takes charitable giving very seriously, in the fast pace world we live in, it’s all to easy to perceive the world as a rat race, and if in front forget about what you have left behind. In many circumstances the difference between the winner and the loser is often very marginal, take the Olympic 100 meters for example, the difference between first place and last could be less than half a second, with the winner going on to reap large financial sponsorships, rewards, fame, etc, and the loser becoming virtually forgotten. In many instances the loser here, can gain many traits through their experiences which can better equip them to handle life’s journey, whilst the winner can be lead astray from life’s ‘path of happiness’ because of the luxurious lifestyle change, leading them to lose touch with the fact that only half a second separated the winner from the loser.  

Life has a way of making us learn through opposites. 

‘How can we know how fortunate we are to have food if we have never been deprived of it’ 

‘How can we know how refreshing a glass of water is if we don’t do the hard days work’ 

‘How can we know how great it is to be financially stable if we haven’t struggled to pay the bills’ 

At Urgent Carriers we try to keep in mind these parables and donate when we can to worthwhile causes across the world. 

Please contact us if you want more information regarding specific charities we are involved with, or for sponsorship enquiries.